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In today's world, Change is only constant. If we can bring postive change in life of people, we have done our bit. Our constant endevour is to apply technology in the field of Digital engagement and Internet of Things. We strive towards achiving high performance at low cost to reach to masses and create the positive change. 

Our Solutions

We have developed industry leading solutions around Digital Signage and now working with smart camera and smart things such as smart sensors and control. Our expertise in embedded systems, cross platfrom applications and our presence in India and Taiwan helps us exploit the hardware and software eco-system of two countires.  

Our Digital Sigange solutions ensure your can engage with your audience in most amazing and cost effective way when they are coming to your store , branch, premise.

Our next generation camera , XCAM, is a multi-purpose personal camera for you. You can truely secure your premises, time-lapse your favourite events and record your excelent quality videos like a pro and that too with a single device. Today, all available camera solutions have dependency upon power. We have developed camera that can last on battery for more than a year.

Our sensor & control board, XLIT, is tiniest in the world. We can control up to 4 devices such as FAN/LEDs in a board as tiny as 3cmx2cm. It can be used to automate regular devices in your home or office without rewiring. A truely retrofit solution that can be used in several use cases.    


We have developed our own Sigange Player based on Linux embedded platform, we call it MAGIC BOX. We have yet to see anything better in our industry than what we have developed.

Remotely  managing the Digital Signages on running Mumbai Local Train is a testimony to our capabilities. 

Surveillance +

a DIY Camera that can last on battery for more than a year. Means security of your premise can't be easily compromied.



Be it your home, office  or an ATM room, we can make it smart with our innovative XLIT solution. We have design world's smallest controller with several sensors to optimize your energy usages and give full control of your premises in your hand. Our intuitive app helps you control it from anywhere in the world.  

Our retrofit and cost effective solution can help you let 'EXPERIENCE YOUR HOME' in a new way. 


Not eveybody can do everything. Today, it pays to focus on your core strength while collaborate for the rest.

We do the same. While we have built cutting edge solutions for us but we have also helped other comapanies with our core skill set. 

Some of the projects are Smart Jogging Machine Controller,  Hardware Board Design and Production,  Location Tracking APPs, Camera APPs. 

If you have a nice project and dont have the core skills required to do it, we can collaborate so please call or write to us.  


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